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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any dinar Guru websites that continue to post the same?

There are a lot of dinar guru websites out there that continue to post the same news from the same failed sources day in and day out. What is their true agenda? Do they keep in regular communication with their members? Do they always have the same callers on all the time?

What exactly is the dinar backed by?

The dinar is a fiat currency that is backed by nothing more than the CBI's willingness to pay a certain rate for it. Right now, they are paying $1 for every 1164 IQD. When they say "we are now paying $1 for every 10 IQD", that is the RV and it is backed by the CBI.

How many members are there in the Iraqi dinar?

Join over 101,634 of the sharpest, most savvy and informed members and growing! New to the Iraqi Dinar? Start Here: Biggest Dinar Myths & Secrets Exposed

Will the Iraqi dinar ever go up in value?

There is no RV. The only way the dinar will go up in value is with the success of the private sector. Iraq needs to continue to pass laws that are critical to the growth of the economy. Only with significant investment and the development of a private sector will the dinar begin to go up in value.

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