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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financing receivable?

In general, financing receivables (or simply receivables) are claims that a company has against customers and others for money, goods, or services. Receivables my arise from credit sales, loans, or other transactions.

What are the benefits of receivables discounting?

The most immediate benefit of discounting your company's receivables is the rapid improvement in your cash flow. Instead of waiting for 30 or 45 days to collect on your invoice, the funds become available right away.

What is government receivable?

The term "receivables" includes taxes receivable, amounts due from the federal government, from political subdivisions, from other funds, from other agencies, and such other amounts which come due as a result of regular business transactions.

What is the financial statement of accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable -- also known as customer receivables -- don't go on an income statement, which is what finance people often call a statement of profit and loss, or P&L. Money that customers owe a company flows through the statement of financial position, also referred to as a balance sheet or report on financial condition.

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