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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your receivables an asset or a liability?

Accounts receivable are an asset, not a liability. In short, liabilities are something that you owe somebody else, while assets are things that you own. Equity is the difference between the two, so once again, accounts receivable is not considered to be equity.

Can I insure my accounts receivable?

Yes, you can insure your accounts receivable. This type of insurance may also be referred to as trade credit insurance. This protects your cash flow by compensating you for unpaid invoices and severely delayed payments. Depending on your policy, accounts receivable insurance usually covers: Customer bankruptcy.

Is accounts receivable really bad?

Unfortunately, you need to realize that accounts receivable is a cost of doing business, but spending too much time on accounts receivable will only make a bad situation even worse. If you are a small animal hospital and your total accounts receivable are between 1% and 3% of your gross income, then you are fine.

Are accounts receivables considered an asset?

Accounts receivable is the amount owed to a seller by a customer. As such, it is an asset , since it is convertible to cash on a future date. Accounts receivable is listed as a current asset in the balance sheet, since it is usually convertible into cash in less than one year.

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