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Frequently Asked Questions

How is artificial intelligence used in account receivables?

Efficient Account Receivables using Artificial Intelligence Using artificial intelligence, the process of automatic matching payments with invoice can help reduce days sales outstanding and improve cash application.

What does intelligent receivables do for Bank of America?

Today, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is pleased to announce a new solution – Intelligent Receivables – that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other software to help companies vastly improve their straight-through reconciliation (STR) of incoming payments to help them post their receivables faster.

Why do we need AR in account receivables?

AR processes were initially designed to keep the bill collection process as organised as possible, as B2B supply chains and payment terms have become more sophisticated, it has become increasingly difficult to manage AR effectively.

How does intelligent receivables help with straight through reconciliation?

Intelligent Receivables, which is powered by HighRadius, a fintech enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, achieves improved straight-through reconciliation through four steps: Identifies payers and associates their payments to remittances that are received separately.

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