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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between loan payable and loan receivable?

The balance sheet displays a company's assets, liabilities and stockholder's equity for a given period. The difference between loans payable and receivable is where they fall on the balance sheet, as one is a liability and the other an asset. Assets represent anything a company owns that has value.

Is accounts receivable really bad?

Unfortunately, you need to realize that accounts receivable is a cost of doing business, but spending too much time on accounts receivable will only make a bad situation even worse. If you are a small animal hospital and your total accounts receivable are between 1% and 3% of your gross income, then you are fine.

What does loan receivable mean?

Loans Receivable. If your business was in the business of loaning money to customers or clients, loan receivables would be those loan payments due the company. A bank is one example of the type of company that would show this asset account on its balance sheet.

Is loan receivable a current asset?

Accounts Receivable. Accounts receivable is another current asset that is reported on the Balance Sheet when making sales on credit. Essentially, the company makes a short term loan to its customers to get the sale. Typical accounts receivables are due to be paid in thirty days before finance charges are assessed.

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