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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of recharge?

recharge(Noun) Water that has percolated from the ground surface to an aquifer. recharge(Verb) To charge an electric battery after its power has been consumed. recharge(Verb) To invigorate and revitalize one's energy level by removing stressful agents for a period of time.

What is another word for recharge?

Similar words for recharged: Synonyms for Recharged: adj. •refreshed (adjective) reinvigorated, enlivened, recouped, resuscitated, exhilarated, stimulated, Freshened, refreshed, Rejuvenated, invigorated, renewed, restored, Recuperated, recovered.

How does recharge work?

Recharge is an all natural supplement that improves the quality of soil by adding beneficial microbes. These microbes work with plants naturally to increase available nutrition and improve plant health. Recharge contains only high quality kelp, molasses, and humic acids, plus the strongest microbe package available anywhere.

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