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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with all the bread ends?

Collect your extra bread pieces in a bag and toss it in the freezer, and when you have enough make a batch of stuffing. This is a perfect way to save money leading up to the holidays because you can collect enough bread ends for a whole crowd and make a large amount of stuffing to feed everyone. Try this recipe for stuffing.

What can you do with leftover dry bread?

When you’re ready, take out your frozen bread and make some amazing homemade bread crumbs with them. They’ll store for months and are perfect for meatballs, chicken fingers, meatloaf, etc. Here’s a bonus way to use leftover or dry bread – toast. The simple act of toasting slices of bread will give dry bread a whole new life.

What's the best bread to make for breakfast?

1. Veg mayonnaise sandwich is a delicious & creamy vegetarian sandwich made with mayo, fresh veggies, some herbs & spices. It just takes about 10 to 15 mins to prepare. These can be made ahead and refrigerated for later use.

How do you make your own dried breadcrumbs?

Make your own dried breadcrumbs by drying the bread out in a very low oven (about an hour at 150C / gas mark 2. Turn slices so both sides dry evenly. Then I blitz these chunks in a food processor. The dried breadcrumbs are then stored in an airtight container and could, if given the chance, last about three months.

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