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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with fresh beets?

Beets are good for your skin. Beets contain vitamin A, which maintains healthy skin and mucus membranes as well as protects against lung and mouth cancers. You can have beets in the raw form as well as boiled, steamed or sautéed forms. You can also have the juice of fresh beets.

How do you cook beets fast?

It is fast, efficient and the flavor is still great. To cook fresh beets in the Instant Pot begin by washing the vegetables. Place the steamer rack in the Instant Pot along with 1 1/2 cups of water. Place the beets on the rack. Press the manual button and set to 18 minutes for small to medium-sized beets and 22 minutes for large beets.

What are the different types of feta salad?

What Are the Varieties? Greek Feta: Traditionally made from sheep's milk, although sometimes a little goat's milk is blended in. ... French Feta: Most often made with sheep's milk, sometimes from the excess sheep's milk that is not used for making Roquefort. ... Bulgarian Feta: Made from sheep's milk. ... Israeli Feta: Full-flavored, creamy and usually not overly salty. ... More items...

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