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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 1 courier service take?

We can pick up and go along the way! track your order the entire way. Our 3-4 hour delivery option, is low priced and allows for later pickup times. Use this up until 3 PM and save money! Our 2 hour delivery option, compares very favorably to our competitors who offer a 3 hour choice.

Is there a courier service in Los Angeles?

While there are several different messenger services that serve Southern California and the Los Angeles area and offer same day delivery, we offer a money back guarantee. We have state of the art technology that helps us to efficiently route our deliveries. This prevents lost time and unnecessary mileage.

What kind of courier service do I Need?

Routes for medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, & dental labs, with chain of custody record keeping. OSHA compliance & HIPAA trained drivers. “I needed a legal document hand delivered to an attorney and the gentleman was prompt & friendly.

How does the Red Line courier service work?

Our couriers are trained to deliver packages with care and speed through the use of our advanced monitoring and tracking system. Knowing your package is safe and in good hands is our business. We provide local courier service to customers who demand immediate attention. As your reliable courier we offer solutions to your delivery needs.

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