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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my record player repaired?

Most of the time they are such a joy to work on. If you have a record player in need of fixing, visit our record player repair page. Or click here Record player repair. If you just need a needle, we carry replacement record player needles.

Where can I get my phonograph or turntable repaired?

Phonograph and turntable repair requires a delicate hand and an ear for sound quality, we provide both here at FYLP Restorations. If you are searching for the right place with the right experience to send your phonograph, turntable or 45 player, you’ve found it, give us a call or click here Record player repair for more information.

Can you repair vintage stereo equipment in Milwaukee?

Vintage equipment, like 8 track players, is hard to replace. Fortunately, Record Heads has your covered for vintage stereo equipment repair in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. In today’s digital age a lot of the magic of vintage recording equipment has been lost and forgotten, but not at Record Head. We do it all!

Why choose record head for turntable repair in Wisconsin?

Without a working turntable, you cannot enjoy it, which is why turntable repair in Wisconsin is one of the stereo repair priorities for Record Head. We are your stop for receiver repair and tape player repair in Milwaukee, too.

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