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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there record player stands with built in storage?

For those who yearn for tailor-made storage solutions, a way to exhibit your immaculate record collection, or a simple, elegant way to keep your timeless LPs organized and at the ready, we’ve decided to list a handful of our favorite record player stands with built-in vinyl storage.

How big of a shelf do you need for vinyl records?

A 12" row of vertically stacked vinyl can weight at least 30 lbs, so you have to make sure your shelves will manage to stand them. It's recommended to have a solid wall divider between about every 50 records and to leave some room for easy browsing.

What makes a good record player for vinyl?

Inside, four soft-closing drawers provide adequate space for all of your vinyl records, while a center slide-out shelf and ventilated rear panel help to keep your audio setup accessible and in pristine working condition.

Where do I get my record player cabinet made?

Better yet, each cabinet is handmade in the HRDL shop, where it’s finished, wrapped and packed by a professional crew before it’s sent to your door.

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