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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you record a CD from a cassette tape?

Insert a blank disk into the CD recorder. Press ‘record’ on your CD recorder (this may also be labeled ‘manual record’ or ‘line-in record. Start playing the tape immediately after pressing "record". The recorder will read whatever is being played on the amplifier and record it to the CD.

How do you transfer audio cassette to CD?

Turn the power on to your stereo unit. Place the cassette tape into the deck and make sure to rewind it all the way on side A. Now that you have a fresh tape to start with, change the function on your stereo to CD. Insert the CD that has the music you want to transfer into the CD slot and close the door.

What is a record player with CD player?

A record player with CD player is a stand-alone home stereo system that combines old and new technology. Music fans with collections of vinyl records often want to keep them while still buying and enjoying newer music on CDs.

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