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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Record Store Day in the UK?

The song is one of more than 550 rare and exclusive discs being released to celebrate Record Store Day on 18 April. Pressings by David Bowie, So Solid Crew, Destiny's Child, Neil Young and Primal Scream will also hit the shelves of independent stores around the UK.

Who is the producer of Record Store Day?

The music was recorded and produced by Ty Segall at his Los Angeles studio. The vinyl comes with three songs on one side, and a custom artwork etching on the flip side. 1.

When is Record Store Day at Dogfish Head?

October 1 on limited edition CD and Vinyl at indie record stores. . RSD 2021 OFFICIAL POSTER FROM DOGFISH HEAD! Read More RECORD STORE DAY 2021 AMBASSADOR!

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