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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Record Store Day start in 2021?

Record Store Day 2021 is almost upon us! The first drop, at least. This year, things are working a little differently to normal. Like last year, Record Store Day is spread across two dates – the first drop takes place on Saturday 12th June, and the second on Saturday 17th July.

Who are the artists for Record Store Day?

Amy Winehouse is among the huge list of artists with big releases coming for Record Store Day 2021. Credit: Press Amy Winehouse, Wolf Alice, Rage Against The Machine, St. Vincent, Elastica, Lady Gaga, The Cure, Rolling Stones and AC/DC are among the artists with special releases due for this year’s Record Store Day.

When is Record Store Day at the Apollo?

The Daptone Super Soul Revue Live! At the Apollo [Limited Edition Translucent Tie-Eye Teal 3LP] The Latest... WOWNOCOW gets a limited release for RSD Drop 1 on June 12. This opens in a new window.

Where do the profits go on Record Store Day?

All profits go to charity. October 1 on limited edition CD and Vinyl at indie record stores. This opens in a new window. . RSD 2021 OFFICIAL POSTER FROM DOGFISH HEAD!

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