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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you record a voice on your computer?

You can record a voiceover from your computer's built-in microphone/webcam or an external microphone. Click on the voice recording button on the lower left of the editor. Click on the Record Voiceover button to begin. You will need to provide permission for flash to use your recording device.

How do I record my voice to a CD?

Perhaps the simplest way to record your voice on CD involves the use of a CD recorder---a device similar to a cassette recorder. Some CD recorders come with a mic input, which allows you to plug a microphone directly into your CD recorder unit.

How do I use voice record?

How to use Voice Recorder to record audio. Click Start Record button to start your recording. To pause recording, click on the Pause button. You can add markers to identify key moments as you record or play. To save the recording, click Stop. You'll see the recording appear in your list of recordings.

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