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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Recorder of deeds mean?

Recorder of deeds or Deeds registry is a government office tasked with maintaining public records and documents, especially records relating to real estate ownership that provide persons other than the owner of a property with real rights over that property.

Do we need to record a deed?

To record a deed yourself you need only to take the deed to the appropriate recording office in your area. The recorder will then index and transcribe the deed in the public records and it will be available for anyone to see. ... In most states, transfer taxes must be paid when a deed is recorded. Depending on your area, the tax will vary, but will be generally based on a rate per $1,000.00.

What does the recording If a deed does?

Recording deeds is a system of recording legal instruments at the Recorder of Deeds. The Recorder of Deeds is a local government office which maintains records and documents relating to real estate ownership. A deed to real property becomes a public document when it is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds subsequent to delivery and acceptance.

What is the fee to record a deed?

Each agency may issue its own guidelines for submitting documents and set their own recording fees by document type. The recording fee for a deed might be $12 in one county and then $15 in another.

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