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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install OBS Studio?

Install OBS Studio With CLR Browser Source. Make sure that Windows is selected for your operating system and the version is set to Studio. Next, click the OBS + CLR Browser Source to begin your download. After the download is finished double click it and install it like any other program.

Where do OBS recordings go?

However, where do OBS recordings go? By default, they will be saved to the folder where you installed OBS on your computer. Generally speaking, the folder is located in your system drive. The quick way to access your recordings is to go to the File menu in OBS main interface and choose Show Recordings.

Where does OBS save recordings?

The default directory on your PC that will house recordings is in the video section of your user space, often easily accessible under This PC if you are on Windows. For OBS Studio, you can find where the directory for recordings currently is by going to File, and then Show Recordings.

Where to find OBS files?

So you can find OBS recordings by going to the place where OBS installed on your computer. To quickly locate the OBS recordings, you can open OSB and click File on the top menu bar.

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