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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the simplest meeting recording device ever made?

Hands down, this is the simplest portable meeting voice recorder we have ever made. The DM430 has all the same buttons as a normal meeting tape recorder, but all the benefits of digital conference recording equipment. The meeting microphones don't need batteries.

What's the best way to record a meeting?

The Meeting Recorder is a simple, non expensive way to record voice in a meeting room. The recorder combined with the audio grabber microphone makes a great voice recording system. This makes a perfect back up digital recorder for court reporters... Introducing the world's only handheld 4 microphones, conference recording equipment package.

Is there a meeting recorder for my computer?

Record Lync, Zoom, and any other conferences and meetings in a single click. Add your face and voice to recordings via webcam and microphone. No recording length, watermark or other limit. You have to install the meeting recorder to hard disk. Run the best meeting recorder once you install it to your PC. For Mac users, there is another version.

Which is the best voice recorder for meetings?

There is only 1 best voice recorder, it is the Portable Easy meeting digital recorder for meetings & conferences. The easy recorder is perfect for our Government meetings. The microphones are sensitive and do not require a battery. The playback is loud on the speaker. I would highly recommend this meeting recorder.

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