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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music is Machine Head by Deep Purple?

In the eyes (and ears) of many, Machine Head is the quintessential Deep Purple album. When feature writers start throwing labels like "heavy metal pioneers" at the band.

What was the name of Deep Purple's 1972 album?

Using the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording unit, Deep Purple recorded one of the hardest rocking albums of all time– Machine Head. Apparently the locals were not aware or appreciative that Rock history was in the making.

Which is the best song on Machine Head?

Machine Head is, like as not, the one they cite to back up their statement The fact that the album contains the band's best known track, Smoke On The Water, merely serves to further this train of thought.

Who are the members of Deep Purple II?

II lineup defined the Deep Purple sound; the ensemble playing and group dynamic that they established on Machine Head is awesome. Roger Glover (love the tone he gets out of his Rickenbacker bass) and drummer Ian Paice burn on this album and Ritchie Blackmore proves himself a virtuoso on the electric guitar.

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