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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recover deleted files from my computer?

In result page, select files you want to recover, and press "Recover" button to recover them. Download now Windows data recovery software and recover deleted files from Windows Computer. You can recover your deleted files worldwild as you can do it by yourself on your computer.

Where to find deleted file?

You can search the Recycle Bin using the search box at the top-right corner of the window, which may help if you have a lot of files in there. You can also right-click in the Recycle Bin window, and then choose Sort By > Date Deleted to more easily view recently deleted files.

Where deleted files are stored?

The Recycle Bin is where files that have recently been deleted are stored temporarily by the Windows operating system. You can recover files until you empty the bin or until the files roll-off due to time or capacity constraints. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking its icon.

Where are the deleted files stored?

When the user deletes the file, the memory locations still hold the data. The pointers that show the hard drive where the data is stored are "deleted" but are still not erased. The file pointers are in the Recycle Bin and can still be retrieved if the user doesn't wait too long.

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