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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a recovery drive?

Creating a Recovery Drive. 1. Open Control Panel and search for “Recovery” through the search box in the top right. From the results, click on “Create a recovery drive” option, under the System section. 2. After you have accepted the prompts, the Recovery Drive dialog box will open up.

What does creating a recovery drive do?

Creating a recovery drive allows you to boot from the USB drive and access the advanced startup options. Then you can use those tools to help boot and troubleshoot the issue.

How do I create recovery drive in Windows 10?

Search for "create a recovery drive" in the Start menu; launch the program which appears. Read the information in the "Create a recovery drive" wizard, then click the "Next" button. Wait while Windows prepares the required files. Connect your USB drive to your PC, if you haven't already. In the wizard, select your drive and click the "Next" ... See More...

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