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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for professional monitoring with recoverytrek?

If your Professional Monitoring program has recently partnered with ​RecoveryTrek to assist with your treatment monitoring, you will need to enroll online and provide some basic information. You should have received a “New Participant Portal Account” email that contained your username and temporary password.

What kind of software does recoverytrek use?

EMAIL AND INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN 24 HOURS. drug testing service, substance abuse monitoring software solutions, compliance monitoring software, alcoholism and addiction mobile monitoring applications, case management software for substance abuse. Substance Use Disorder.

Is the staff at recoverytrek friendly or helpful?

RecoveryTrek is a relatively small company but is currently undergoing an expansion to stretch their business. The staff there are friendly and teams between departments work with good synergy to accomplish their own tasks. Was this review helpful?

What does PC trek advanced password recovery suite do?

The PC Trek Advanced Password Recovery Suite function allows you to recover your forgotten software keys or login details for most popular web browsers, wireless networks, Windows Credential Manager, E-Mail, or FTP clients. This software is easy to use and packed with powerful features to help you recover forgotten passwords.

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