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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Red Rooster 3 go fishing?

On departure date all passengers will get their temperature taken. The RED ROOSTER III operates a variety of long range fishing expeditions from Lee Palm Sportfishers in San Diego, California. For over 40 years now, these adventures into Mexican waters are the utmost in sportfishing.

Where is the Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem?

Located in the heart of Harlem, Red Rooster serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of the neighborhood. Named in honor of the legendary Harlem speakeasy, Chef Marcus Samuelsson brings his passion for food to the neighborhood he calls home. YEP! CHICKEN & WAFFLE

When is red rooster chicken and waffle open?

CHICKEN & WAFFLE Red Rooster is now open for lunch, brunch and dinner, 7 days a week. YEP! CHICKEN & WAFFLE Created with Sketch.

How does the boat on Red Rooster disinfect?

The boat has installed UV lights to kill any germs and viruses during the AC filtration system. All common touched areas will be disinfected by an anti-germ/virus fogger. On departure date all passengers will get their temperature taken.

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