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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Red Rooster coffee get their coffee from?

Red Rooster Coffee is more than just a cup of coffee, it's a frickin' awesome cup of coffee. Our organic, Fair Trade coffee comes from Higher Grounds Trading Company in Traverse City. We also understand that there is more in life than great coffee, crazy right?

Where is Red Rooster coffee in Floyd VA?

Established in 2010 in downtown Floyd, VA (pop 432), Red Rooster was created with the simple notion of roasting excellent coffee for the owner’s existing coffee house. Soon, word of Red Rooster's quality spread around Virginia and up and down the East Coast.

How are coffee beans roasted at Red Bay?

Among The Best Coffee You'll Ever Have Our specialty coffee beans are meticulously roasted in small batches to ensure each bean receives the care needed to produce amazing brews. We sample and test every batch against our exceedingly high standards for flavor, quality, and consistency. Direct Trade Helps Everyone Win

Where to buy Red Bay coffee in Oakland?

Red Bay Coffee Red Bay Coffee - Beautiful Coffee To The People | Red Bay Coffee Beautiful Coffee To The People. Artisanal, direct trade coffee headquartered in Oakland, CA. Skip to content Free Shipping with $38 or more purchase AccountShopping Cart Shop More Coffee Gift Cards Drinkware Apparel

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