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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the sales manager for Red Rooster?

Red Rooster is certified annually by USDA with a consistently high rating in all phases of production including farming, harvesting, packing, and shipping. Tom Frudden of Frudden Sales heads up the Red Rooster® Sales marketing staff, bringing to our company many decades of experience in the tomato business.

Where are the goats at Red Rooster ranch?

Nestled in the desert hills of Santa Clarita, California, Red Rooster Ranch is home to a variety of animals. We raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, livestock guardian dogs, chickens, bees and several family pets. We believe teaching our children (and ourselves!) about raising our own food.

Where are the Red Rooster tomato plants located?

The company’s tomato growing operations are located in Fresno, Merced, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties.

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