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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Red Rooster Grill get its name?

After helping the cook in a small restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico at 12 years old, his passion for cooking was ignited. Later he moved to Seattle and worked in a variety of restaurants, then later to Omak where he & his wife opened their first restaurant, “Leonel’s”, where they owned and operated it for a few years.

What makes Red Rooster the best place to be?

Together is the best place to be.” Leonel’s love for food is also evident at home where a passion for food is a family affair…often cooking with his wife & son who are also involved in the restaurant…his young daughter is also coming up in the family business. Family means a lot to Leonel and Mario.

What kind of Steaks do Red Rooster Grill use?

We also have several specialty Steaks: Steak Diane, Grecian Steak, Steak Marchand in a Bordelaise style sauce or Cactus Jack Steak in a reduced wine sauce, just to name a few. All of our steaks are prime-cut.

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