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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Red Rooster restaurants located?

Red Rooster Snoballs is a unique neighborhood restaurant located in Central City of New Orleans. We specialize in classic New Orleans style po-boy’s, fried chicken, seafood platters, yet-ca-mein, snacks, freshly made desserts and of course snoballs.

What do Red Roosters eat?

Roosters also generally like leafy vegetables, such as greens, lettuce and Russian kale. Feed fatty foods in moderation, but they are important, as roosters get necessary essential oils from them. Moist cantaloupes are welcome during the summer, as they act as a coolant and the enzymes facilitate digestion.

What is the Red Rooster in Las Vegas?

Vegas Red Rooster is a 13,000 square feet (1,200 m 2) swingers club located in Whitney, Nevada in the Las Vegas Valley. The Rooster has apparently hosted the after party for the annual Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas. The Red Rooster is a member of NASCA International.

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