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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Red Rooster Grill?

While working as a Restaurant Consultant he met his business partner Mario. Mario has worked for many years as a waiter providing excellent customer service to his customers. Later on, Mario approached Leonel about a business opportunity with him…as a result we now have the Red Rooster Grill.

What makes Red Rooster the best place to be?

Together is the best place to be.” Leonel’s love for food is also evident at home where a passion for food is a family affair…often cooking with his wife & son who are also involved in the restaurant…his young daughter is also coming up in the family business. Family means a lot to Leonel and Mario.

Where did Leonel from Red Rooster Grill come from?

Leonel has always had a passion for cooking. He began working in restaurants while he was still in school. Leonel started out as a prep cook and worked his way up. After helping the cook in a small restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico at 12 years old, his passion for cooking was ignited.

What kind of Steaks do Red Rooster Grill use?

We also have several specialty Steaks: Steak Diane, Grecian Steak, Steak Marchand in a Bordelaise style sauce or Cactus Jack Steak in a reduced wine sauce, just to name a few. All of our steaks are prime-cut.

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