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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Red Rooster 3 go fishing?

On departure date all passengers will get their temperature taken. The RED ROOSTER III operates a variety of long range fishing expeditions from Lee Palm Sportfishers in San Diego, California. For over 40 years now, these adventures into Mexican waters are the utmost in sportfishing.

How big is a Red Rooster 3 sportfisher?

You will find that RED ROOSTER III is the finest long range Sportfishers in terms of safety, design, speed and technology. 105 feet of fishing luxury that meets every demand for comfort while delivering an unforgettable fishing vacation.

Who are the members of the Red Rooster fishing crew?

The crew consisted of the legendary Andy Cates, Tim, Nicky, Trevor, Derek, Fernando and Stanley. I've been fishing for over 20 some years and have done my share of multi day trips and I must say, this crew is by FAR the BEST.

Who is the skipper of the Red Rooster?

The skipper Andy Cates, runs the most professional crew imaginable. We had 24 people on the boat there were no fish farmed no tangle or Birdsnest was too big for these guys to get out it was just an incredible experience. The boat is a dream to fish all 107 feet of it the deckhands are the most helpful I have ever seen.

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