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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Red Rooster so popular in Las Vegas?

The Red Rooster is so popular in the “lifestyle” community, people fly to Las Vegas from all over North America specifically to check it out. Tons of locals go there, too, as well as conventioneers and tourists in town for everything from the Electric Daisy Carnival to the rodeo and the Consumer Electronics Show.

Is the Red Rooster a good night club?

A true club environment of theme nights, food, and decent rooms. The staff is awesome and the DJ may be a bit cheesy and top 40 commercial but you are not here for that so he serves his purpose. On popular nights it can get suuuuuuuper crowded but so can any other night club.

Can a single female go to the Red Rooster?

Headed to Vegas ...been to the green door years ago...with someone....can you go to red rooster as a single female? Please advise if you think it would be safe. I personally wouldn't recommend going there by yourself. Im sure you'd have a great time, but there are so many single men that will follow you everywhere and get awfully close.

What to know about Red Rooster to Green Door?

Re: would like to rooster to green door vital Vegas (podcast) episode 35 - Scott tours the Green Door and provides some insight. Likely the info you are looking for.

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