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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Redbubble community?

Redbubble is a community built on respect and recognition of artists. We ask, rather we beg, that you remember this when you are posting work on Redbubble.

Where can I make a complaint about Redbubble?

For all other IP complaints, you can reach us at: [email protected] Additionally, in certain circumstances, Redbubble may suspend or terminate users who in our opinion infringe the copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, or other rights of others purposely (see deliberate misuse ).

What kind of images can I upload to Redbubble?

Images are centered and ‘padded’ for non-standard sized images. When uploading your files to Redbubble, we can only accept JPEG, PNG, and GIF. TIFF and PDF files won't work correctly. The CMYK color profile works best for print while sRGB works best for viewing designs on the web.

How big are the pixels on a Redbubble page?

2400×1600 pixels (4 megapixels) for the small print. 3240×2160 pixels (7 megapixels) for the medium print. 3840×2560 pixels (10 megapixels) for the large print. 4800x4800 pixels for the extra-large print.

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