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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a sticker can I buy on Redbubble?

Sticker sizes available for each design are determined by the design size the artist uploads (i.e., if the independent artist’s design does not meet the pixel requirements for the large sticker option, it can only be purchased in small or medium). What are the sticker care instructions?

Are there transparent stickers in the Redbubble catalog?

With the new addition of transparent stickers to the Redbubble catalog, it’s vital that you’re able to master the art of transparency. Let’s start by explaining what kiss-cutting is.

How is the edge of a Redbubble sticker cut?

Let’s start by explaining what kiss-cutting is. All Redbubble stickers are kiss-cut, which means the edge of each sticker is cut by a sharp metal die or laser but the cut does not penetrate the sticker’s backing so they arrive on a small sheet.

What kind of stickers do you use on water bottles?

The stickers offered on the Redbubble marketplace are a great way to personalize water bottles or Hydro flasks. They are made from a high-quality, durable vinyl material that is tough and scratch-resistant so they’re suitable for drink bottles.

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