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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the captain of Redondo Beach sportfishing?

The Redondo Special has enjoyed more than 50 years of providing a safe platform upon which to enjoy the pleasure of sport fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. Captain Morgon Richards, who has many years of experience as a licensed captain at the helm, will deliver an experience that none in the bay can equal.

Where is Santa Monica Bay sportfishing in Redondo Beach?

Santa Monica Bay Sportfishing conveniently located in the South Bay. Redondo Beach Sportfishing Redondo Sports Fishing Monday - Friday 8am-7:30pmSaturday & Sunday 6:30am-7:30pm CALL US(310) 372-2111 Home Book Online -- All Trips -- Redondo Special -- Navegante -- Betty G -- Pescador

What kind of fish are at Redondo Beach?

On Sep 12th the Redondo Special 3/4 Day trip had 13 anglers catch : 65 Sculpin, 65 Sculpin, 52 Rockfish, 52 Rockfish, 50 Calico Bass Released, 16 Whitefish, 16 Whitefish, 9 Sand Bass, 9 Sand Bass, 7 Calico Bass, 7 Calico Bass, 2 White Seabass, 2 White Seabass On Sep 11th the Redondo Special 3/4 Day trip had 35 anglers catch :

Is there a fishing pier in Redondo Beach?

The fishing crowd is huge at Redondo but as at the other multi-use piers anglers are only part of the mix. In fact, one of the main attractions of the pier is simply its diverse, eclectic nature. There are numerous restaurants, many ethnic in nature, as well as an “International Boardwalk” filled with a number of different shops.

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