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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do you ask during a reference check?

According to, when checking references, ask questions that address the potential employer's concerns, such as personality, productivity and overall assessment of the candidate. Also verify that the candidate provided honest answers about his start and end dates,...

How to conduct a good reference check?

HOW TO CONDUCT REFERENCE CHECKS Identify yourself, your title, organization name and tell them you are calling about a reference for a candidate you are considering Ask if now is a good time to talk or whether they would rather schedule a call at a later time Make sure they understand that you have the consent from the applicant and that all responses will remain confidential More items...

How to do a real reference check?

Show any skepticism or negativity toward the candidate-the reference will go silent out of loyalty Read anything into the person's inflection. You don't have enough context to judge a stranger's tone of voice Be stymied by HR policies that disallow reference checks. ...

How to respond to requests for reference checks?

Agree to provide a reference for someone you don't believe in-remember: your reputation is on the line Be vague-offer specific examples of the candidate's abilities and strengths Feel like you have to provide the candidate with a blow-by-blow account of what you discussed with the recruiter, but following up is a kind gesture

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