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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the German bow makers and luthiers?

Joachim, Wilhelmj, and other Germans preferred them to the French, but perhaps this was due to patriotism. Stamped ‘Bausch. Leipzig’, or ‘L.

Who are the best violin makers in the world?

Maker of fine violins, violas and violincelli. The model that I use for violins is that of the prime period of Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesu. Violin maker, restorer. Violin maker, restorer and sales. Instrument repair and restoration; dealer in instruments and bows.

What kind of violins are made in Markneukirchen?

There are many Markneukirchen violins that reveal their Saxonian heritage only upon closer examination by the trained eye.The people of Markneukirchen have more than enough reason to be proud of their violin making tradition, however.

Where did Ludwig Glasel make the German Cremona violin?

His great sense of regional pride and healthy spirit of self-confidence are what inspired Markneukirchen violin maker Ludwig Gläsel jr. (1842-1931) from Markneukirchen in Saxony to print the words “German Cremona” on his violin labels.

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