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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a relationship banker and what do they do?

What is a Relationship Banker? A relationship banker, also known as a personal banker, is the liaison between the customer and the financial institution, building and maintaining that relationship and offering advice on everything from personal and business accounts to investments, loans and trust management services.

What are the duties of a banker?

It is the duty of the banker to recollect the goods as securities entrusted to him by the customer in respect of the general account balance due from the customer. The banker as a creditor has the right to charge interest on the advance given to the customer.

What are the prospects of a relationship banker?

The premise is that the best prospects for bank services are existing customers -- the consumers, families and businesses that already deal with the bank. Relationship bankers and the associates who work with them focus on cross-selling services.

What is the relationship between a banker and a customer?

The relationship between a banker and the customer can be either of a debtor and creditor or of a creditor and the debtor.

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