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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the relationship banking model work?

The Relationship Banking model works best in the optimum retail branch environment. Working with these banks, we mapped each of their branches along two axes. One dimension measured transaction volume. The other measured loan volume. From there, it was relatively simple to create a scatter plot, and make our recommendations:

What is a relationship banker?

Relationship bankers often approach customers with offerings such as insurance, investments, and certificates of deposit. Relationship banking can be pushed too far, as with the Wells Fargo scandal when bankers opened accounts without permission from customers.

What is'relationship banking'?

Relationship Banking. What is 'Relationship Banking'. Relationship banking is a strategy used by banks to strengthen loyalty of customers and provide a single point of service for a range of products and services.

Is deepening customer relationships core to the banking model?

But as Bartlett points out, deepening customer relationships isn’t a trend bank employees should let blow over. It’s core to the banking model. Here are three approaches banks are using to deepen customer relationships:

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