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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a relationship banker do?

All relationship bankers function as the central point of contact for their clients, working to develop long-term relationships. Relationship bankers have broad knowledge of all the products and services offered by a bank and advises their clients about how to use them to improve their financial situations.

What kind of questions are on the personal banker test?

Online personal banker tests tend to be multiple-choice questions, roughly 45 minutes in length covering the following topics. Considering that banking has its roots in mathematics and its understanding of percentages and statistics, you can expect the majority of the personal banker test questions to be related to math.

How do I become a relationship banker?

This type of coursework along with internships at banks and other financial institutions can provide a good starting point for a career as a relationship banker. Some banks will hire relationship bankers with only a high school diploma, as they do receive on-the-job training.

What are the assessment tests for bank of America?

Bank of America Assessment Tests. The two most popular Bank of America assessment tests are the Bank of America Bank Teller/Customer Service Representative test and the Bank of America Personal Banker test. The subjects focused on by the two Bank of America assessment tests are detailed below.

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