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Frequently Asked Questions

How do relationship coaches work?

Many relationship coaches work over the phone, via email and through online video conferencing, which allows for greater flexibility for both coach and client. It also makes the pool of prospective coaches much larger. You can often hire a coach who lives in your city as easily as one who lives across the country.

Is relationship coaching the same as couples therapy?

Is Relationship Coaching the Same as "Couples Therapy?" Relationship coaching is not "couples therapy," just as life coaching is not psychotherapy. If therapists are surgeons, coaches are personal trainers. If you're having relationship troubles, a coach might help you clear up your thinking, get some perspective or set inspiring new goals.

What is a coaching bio?

Your coaching bio is a great place to let your brand shine and let the world know what sets you apart. Ultimately, it’s just another marketing tool. Marketing as a coach is more effective when you know exactly who you are marketing to. This means, you should be really clear on your ideal client .

Who is America’s leading midlife dating coach?

Known as America’s Leading Midlife Dating & Relationship Coach, Jonathon Aslay is a defender and protector of women’s hearts around the world. He helps women transform from attracting Mr. Wrong into finding their Mr. Right. Jonathon, a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and author of Amazon #1 New Release: What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?

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