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Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaches build relationships with clients?

For example, coaches may contact clients by email between coaching sessions to congratulate them or to remind them of something important. Offering the opportunity for an occasional extra coaching session or check-in, at no extra charge, is a real “wow!” and a great relationship builder.

What is coachingcoaching?

Coaching involves learning. Through various coaching techniques such as listening, reflecting, asking questions, and providing information, coachees become self-correcting (they learn how to correct their behavior themselves) and self-generating (they generate their own questions and answers).

What is wrong with the coaching relationship?

Something is wrong in the relationship when coaches are working harder or talking more than their clients in coaching sessions – whether to create goals, figure out strategies , or develop the case for change. 8. Confidentiality is crucial The coaching relationship is built upon a foundation of confidentiality.

What are the most common coaching responses?

Reassuring, sympathizing, or consoling 11. Questioning or probing 12. Withdrawing, distracting, humoring, or changing the subject Coaches may occasionally use some of these responses over the course of a coaching relationship, particularly when clients are in the action or maintenance stages of change.

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