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Frequently Asked Questions

What relationship goals should a long distance couple have?

Here are 10 relationship goals every long distance couple should have: Commitment Driven by Hope. Believing that the relationship can work continually renews the impetus that drives a couple to fulfill their relationship goals.

What are the best relationship goal tips?

One of the most prominent relationship goal tips that many couples should utilize is to have a clear end-game. Couples should consider the distance as temporary and set a definite timeline for how long it will last.

Do long distance relationships really work?

Ensure that you are still focused onto your future together. Long distance relationships really do work. You just have to give it your best short and have a mutual understanding of each other. Remember that both of you have to work towards the same goal, having a successful long distance relationship.

How to have a successful LDR relationship in different time zones?

Go on a virtual date every week. Spontaneity makes your heart race and make you feel like the protagonist of a romance movie. But it is routine that ensure the survivability of a cross-time-zone relationship. Phone calls, video calls, text messages, and emails are common staples for LDR couples.

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