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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Michael Todd’s relationship talk?

Realer than the most real conversation you’ve ever heard on the topic, Michael Todd’s honest, heartfelt, and powerful teaching on relationships has already impacted millions of people in all seasons of life around the world.

What is Pastor Todd’s relationship goals month?

Pastor Michael Todd draws on the themes of Relationship Goals to give you a month of biblically rich “let’s go deeper” challenges designed just for couples. We’re not talking simple date ideas or tips on what flowers to buy.

How many views does Ps Michael have on relationship goals?

With the popularity of this series spanning over 2 years and gaining over 6 million views, Ps. Michael knew that this wasn’t just a sermon but was a necessary lesson in which the world needed to hear. After many requests and much acclaim, Ps Michael is releasing his debut book Relationship Goals.

What is “relationship goals?

“Relationship Goals” is written in a contemporary style with easy, relatable examples. It’s also straight up based on biblical principles, gives chapter and verse and is not shy about saying what’s right and wrong. Todd is enthusiastic and heartfelt in his desire to share: “quiet the cries of culture and you may just hear the Holy Spirit.”

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