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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the relationship goals for couples?

Relationship Goals for Couples #6: Set Fitness & Health Goals When you’re in a relationship, you’re often thinking… acting… exercising… even eating, for two. You now have another person who depends on you. Depends on you to be there. Depends on you to support them.

What is the mood management goal?

Mood Management Goal: Maintain stability of mood, or Improve overall mood, or Maintain even mood, or Increase ability to manage moods Learn two ways to manage frustration in a positive manner Be free of suicidal thoughts; call crisis hotline if having suicidal thoughts Report feeling more positive about self and abilities

When to talk to your partner about marriage goals?

It’s personal choice, but one you and your potential mate should definitely talk about early on. (And if you do decide to get married, these marriage goals can help strengthen your relationship .) Relationship Goals for Couples #4: Bringing Home the Bacon…

How do you take care of your relationship?

Every relationship, like every person, is not the same. They are unique. They require care and attention. They have good days… and bad. Some days they are easy. Some days they are hard. But if you set goals for the relationship early on… and make it a point to stick by those goals… you are never alone. Remember that you are stronger together.

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