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Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain company culture in a remote work environment?

Here are three tips for maintaining your company culture in a remote work environment: 1. Identify and replicate the consistent elements of your winning culture. When you think about your business, what are the admirable characteristics that make people proud to represent you and your brand? Why do team members enjoy working there?

What is a remote work environment?

Part of traditional company cultures is the environment employees work in. Typically this is the office space including open floor plans, foosball tables, and maybe even a boulder wall. Remote employees are often working from a home office, kitchen table, or even a couch.

Is remote work the right choice for your business?

For many employees, long-term remote work may be preferred. But while the commute time has decreased, so have the opportunities for critical relationship-building at work. Gallup has found that employees who do not work in the same location as their manager are:

What are your company values for remote employees?

For remote employees, your company values are a concrete understanding of how your organization operates and how you create a positive work environment. Check out these creative ways to share and uphold your values with remote employees:

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