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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for repeat performance?

Synonyms for repeat performances include encores, repetition, curtain calls, repeats, acclamation, extras, numbers, praise, reappearances and replays. Find more ...

What is another word for "repeat offender"?

Synonyms for 'repeat offender': criminal, offender, underworld, delinquent, juvenile, gang, lowlife, culprit, accomplice, ringleader, badmash

What is a synonym for repeating?

Synonyms for Repeating: adj. •gossipy (adjective) talebearing, taletelling. •perpetual (adjective) returning. •recurrent (adjective) cyclic, Duplicating, repetitious, Imitating, reiterative, perpetual, reproducing, reduplicating, verbose, echoing, copying.

What is another word for repeatedly?

Synonyms for Repeatedly: adv. •again (adverb) encore. adv •again (adverb) once more, recurrently, Bis, over and over. n. Other synonyms: • continual, ad nauseam, perpetual, most, regularly, frequent.

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