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Frequently Asked Questions

What are repeated words?

Repeated phrases are groups of two, three, or four identical words used too close together, regardless of whether they have the same meaning. For example: He stood and began pacing the length of the office.

What is another word for repeatedly?

Synonyms for Repeatedly: adv. •again (adverb) encore. adv •again (adverb) once more, recurrently, Bis, over and over. n. Other synonyms: • continual, ad nauseam, perpetual, most, regularly, frequent.

What is a synonym for repeating?

Synonyms for Repeating: adj. •gossipy (adjective) talebearing, taletelling. •perpetual (adjective) returning. •recurrent (adjective) cyclic, Duplicating, repetitious, Imitating, reiterative, perpetual, reproducing, reduplicating, verbose, echoing, copying.

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