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Frequently Asked Questions

What does repeatedly mean?

Repeatedly is a broader term. Repeatedly means ‘done in repetition’ or ‘done several times’. It does not imply regularity or length of interval. Frequently means ‘done many times at short intervals’ or ‘done habitually’. There is regularity in the repetitions over a period of time.

What does repeatably mean?

repeatable - able or fit to be repeated or quoted; "what he said was not repeatable in polite company"; "he comes up with so many quotable phrases". quotable. unquotable, unrepeatable - not able or fit to be repeated or quoted; "what he said was funny but unquotable".

What is the adjective for repeatedly?

Synonyms: recurrent, copying, duplicating, echoing, imitating, reduplicating, reproducing, ceaseless, continuous, perpetual, reiterative, repetitious ... more. repeatable. Able to be repeated. (sciences, of an experiment or procedure) That gives the same results when repeated. Synonyms:

What is a synonym for repeat?

repeat, echo(verb) to say again or imitate. "followers echoing the cries of their leaders". Synonyms: recall, reiterate, duplicate, ring, reverberate, take over, recapitulate, reprize, resound, restate, recur, echo, ingeminate, reprise, retell, replicate, iterate, reduplicate, double.

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