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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for repeatedly?

Synonyms for Repeatedly: adv. •again (adverb) encore. adv •again (adverb) once more, recurrently, Bis, over and over. n. Other synonyms: • continual, ad nauseam, perpetual, most, regularly, frequent.

What is a synonym for repeating?

Synonyms for Repeating: adj. •gossipy (adjective) talebearing, taletelling. •perpetual (adjective) returning. •recurrent (adjective) cyclic, Duplicating, repetitious, Imitating, reiterative, perpetual, reproducing, reduplicating, verbose, echoing, copying.

What is a synonym for repetition?

repetition Synonyms. n. recurrence, reoccurrence, reappearance, return, rerun, reproduction, replication, copy, rote, routine, duplication, renewal, recapitulation, reiteration, restatement, rehash, perseveration, redundancy; see also wordiness.

What is the word for repeating?

Synonyms for repeating itself include reappearing, recurring, reoccuring, reoccurring, happening again, occurring again, repeating, returning, coming back and appearing again. Find more similar words at!

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