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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you simplify repeating decimal?

To place the repeating digit ( 42 ) to the left of the decimal point, you need to move the decimal point 3 place to the right. Again, moving a decimal point three place to the right is done by multiplying the decimal number by 1000.

How are repeating decimals used?

Repeating Decimals. A repeating decimal is a decimal that continues on indefinitely and repeats a number or block of numbers in a consistent manner, such as 0.666 … or 0.232323 … . A vinculum (a horizontal line over the number or numbers) is the standard notation used to show that a number or group of numbers is repeating.

What is 3/11 simplified?

It can be written as 0.272727 in decimal form (rounded to 6 decimal places). Therefore, 3/11 simplified to lowest terms is 3/11. Equivalent fractions: 6 / 22 9 / 33 15 / 55 21 / 77

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