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Frequently Asked Questions

How do indicate a repeating decimal?

Sometimes, repeating decimals are indicated by a line over the digits that repeat . The number 3.7777 with 7 repeating, for instance, can also be written as 3. 7. To convert a number like this to a fraction you write it as an equation, multiply, subtract to remove the repeating decimal, and solve the equation. Steps.

What is used to represent a repeating decimal?

Definition. Another name for repeating decimal is "recurring" decimal. The number of digits that repeat is called the period of the repeating decimal. There are different ways to represent a repeating decimal. The most common method is to put a segment over the first digit (or group of digits) that repeat.

What does a repeating decimal represent?

Repeating decimal. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A repeating or recurring decimal is decimal representation of a number whose digits are periodic (repeating its values at regular intervals) and the infinitely repeated portion is not zero.

What is the difference between a terminating decimal and a repeating decimal?

A terminating decimal is a decimal that ends and has a finite number of digits. A repeating decimals is a decimal that repeats its digits infinitely.

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